Top 50 reading blogs

Explore the fascinating world of French literature through our selection of the 50 best French literary blogs .

Discover these precious virtual gems where the passion for words is expressed brilliantly. From poems and novels to reviews and recommendations, each blog offers a unique and emotional experience.

Let yourself be guided by these lovers of French-speaking literature (Switzerland, Quebec, etc.), explore their captivating worlds and let yourself be carried away by their love for words that awaken the soul and nourish the spirit.

General literature blogs

Some blogs do not have a well-defined editorial line and offer you a multitude of literary styles and genres.

We will therefore start by addressing them here so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

If you are more the type to interact with a community of enthusiasts, you will find what you are looking for in our article dedicated to the best reading forums .

reading blogs

1. It smells like a book is one of the jewels among French literary blogs. Here, Alice dedicates herself with fervor to highlighting less publicized works, abandoning the big titles of the literary season and renowned publishing houses.

His bold choice is on original books , from small publishing houses which deserve to be discovered.

Its editorial line is infinitely rich, gracefully embracing American literature, the captivating intrigues of thrillers, the captivating magic of romance and the wonderful worlds of children's literature .

But that's not all ! Alice is not limited to adult readers; she also shares her informed opinion on books intended for children, thus awakening their imagination with inspired recommendations.

2. The redhead reads

Immerse yourself in the enchanted literary lair of, a jewel among literary blogs, orchestrated by the dazzling Solène.

With contagious passion, she opens wide the doors of her secret garden, where each crush is a flower that blooms.

Whether it's gripping thrillers , novels that grip the soul, or sparkling comics, Solène embraces literature in all its forms. But that's not all !

With a wandering spirit, she also weaves travel stories , taking you to faraway lands and sharing fragments of her personal experience.

It is a crossroads where words dance and worlds meet.

3. The little feather

Embark on the captivating world of, a literary blog that passionately explores the twists and turns of literature.

Juliette, the inspired voice behind this blog, invites you to discover literary criticism covering various genres such as Young Adult , fiery romance and daring contemporary literature.

With its essentials section and a multitude of fascinating themes, La petite plume offers you a range of “those novels which…” evoking both sparkling pearls and heartbreaking disappointments.

Let yourself be guided by this passionate pen and embark on a literary journey full of emotions.

4. AnoukLibrary

Come explore the inspiring world of, Anouk's personal literary blog which generously offers her passion.

Immerse yourself in an ocean of literary diversity, with touching reviews of works of foreign literature , history, romantic comedy and French authors.

Whatever your tastes, this blog will fill you with exciting and varied readings. Let yourself be guided by Anouk's recommendations and embark on unforgettable literary odysseys.

5. The bibliomaniac

Discover the passionate world of a bibliophile French teacher through her personal blog on reading , a treasure dedicated to promoting reading in the classroom and among young readers.

Its mission is clear: to transmit its passion for reading to its students on its website

With varied and attractive presentations, suggestions and reviews , this blog becomes a reference for teachers and school professionals.

Take advantage of the many practical tools available, such as suggestions classified by year or cycle, reading sheets and reflections on education, to discover novels in a school context .

6. SophieLit is a real media dedicated to adolescent literature , full of reading ideas, special projects and captivating videos.

Sophie, a high school French teacher and enthusiast of children's literature, shares with her collaborators works that directly captivate adolescents.

The presentations, both simple and detailed, are supplemented by opinions which enrich our understanding of the work.

The site's Instagram account is a real source of activity, presenting its favorites or new releases, while Sophie's magnetic personality immediately makes us want to join the community of readers !

7. The insatiable Charlotte

Explore a blog of intimate literary chronicles which weaves a link between the history of the novel presented and the personal experience of its author. There is something magnificent when the blogger reveals himself in his column.

The novel transcends its status to become a terrain of self-exploration, and the chronicle transforms into a captivating romantic story. The pen of the passionate Charlotte breathes with its unique rhythm and its authentic literary quality on her blog

We feel his incessant quest, his search for meaning. It is a luminous window open to an inner world which is illuminated thanks to the power of reading.

8. The red thread

Discover a unique reading club focused on the power of bibliotherapy, led by the passionate Marjorie and Martine. Their reading selections transport us to beneficial novels, offering real support in our personal journey.

With a clear editorial line focused on works that help us grow , this approach is a source of enrichment in a world where reading is often reduced to a simple distraction. The blog, formerly known as "Le fil rouge", is now hosted on the specialized platform Substack, which is dedicated to specialized newsletters.

Immerse yourself in this experience by subscribing to the mailing list and join a community of lively and passionate minds!

9. LittlePrettyBooks

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of, a blog that fuses art and reading. Discover the latest literary and cinematographic exclusives in a whirlwind of passion.

The librarian, who has always been passionate about reading, also shares her critiques on her latest discoveries. In addition to her captivating blog, she opens the doors to her privacy through a well-stocked Instagram account.

Let yourself be carried away by this unique experience where art, literature and intimacy blend harmoniously.

10. Scent of words

The literary blog, written by Benjamin, is a real enchantment, both sweet and colorful. His critical but sincere pen always strives to accurately reflect his reading impressions.

Whether it's general literature , young adult or thrillers , all literature lovers will find what they're looking for. However, what really captured our hearts were her reviews of children's books.

Behind The Scent of Words hides a beautiful story. Benjamin, who had initially chosen a legal career, gave up everything to pursue his passion: becoming a teacher.

His love of sharing knowledge shines through every word he says when he talks about children's books. In short, a real gem for anyone looking for new reading ideas to share with the family!

11. Little madeleines

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Faelys, an insatiable reader, through her fascinating blog. She reveals her literary favorites and humbly shares her subjective thoughts.

You will also be able to exchange and share your valuable discoveries by commenting on his articles. With a name as delicious as Les Petites Madeleines, this blog is a real delight for gourmets of children's literature. Don't miss this rare gem!

12. Treasure Island

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Treasure Island, a blog run by a Franco-German family passionate about children's literature. Get ready to make an extraordinary discovery! If you are looking for new stories to share with your children in the evening, this blog will quickly become an essential reference. Especially if you have already explored classic French children's literature...

From early childhood to preadolescence, you will find valuable reading tips adapted to each age. Whether you are an expatriate family or simply curious to discover children's stories from other cultural backgrounds, Isabelle and her Treasure Island blog will satisfy parents looking for literary adventures.

13. Book Notebook

Enter the captivating world of Marc Bordier, passionate about literature, who offers us a veritable mosaic of reading advice through his blog, Carnet de Lecture. From timeless classics to contemporary works, including poetry and theater, no literary genre escapes his keen connoisseur's eye.

But Marc doesn't stop there. Through his curious mind and his traveler's soul, he also created Lireka! Discover his travel impressions, from the streets of Prague to the shores of Montreal, exploring unsuspected places that are harmoniously linked to great literary works.

Because if novelists are renowned for taking their readers on imaginary journeys, don't underestimate the power of literary bloggers who can transport you just as brilliantly with their inspired pen.

14. Pamolico

At the heart of Pamolico's blog is Cécile, a student who bravely left the confines of her library to share her reading impressions with the virtual world. And what happiness for all of us! Always sincere, sometimes moving, and sometimes cutting, this blogger has mastered the art of literary discourse to perfection.

From treasures of French literature to gems of foreign literature, Cécile devours books and shapes Pamolico as a haven where we can get lost when inspiration fails us. But that's not all, she also explores the seventh art with reviews of films and series. A true source of escape and sharing.

15. An open book

Emilie, passionate about reading since a young age, never goes without a book. Whether it is slipped into your bag or placed on your bedside table, it accompanies your every moment. This is how his blog, A Livre Ouvert, came into existence, almost inevitably. For her, it is essential to bring books to life, and what better way to do this than by creating an online space?

A lover of books as objects, Emilie cherishes them like true treasures. Although she admits to having a preference for the detective genre, she is sometimes seduced by lighter romances. She also explores the world of children's literature with enthusiasm.

But Emilie's blog is not limited to literary criticism. She is committed to sharing with her readers news from the literary world as well as some anecdotes drawn from her own experiences. Thanks to A Livre Ouvert, immerse yourself in a world where books come to life and where the love of reading is transmitted with passion.

16. Life is a novel

Don't panic, this is not Guillaume Musso's last novel! Here, we always talk about literary blogs, and La vie est un roman embodies Marine's philosophy of life. For her, the book goes well beyond a simple everyday object, it is a true art of living.

What makes this blog so unique is its diversity. You will of course find literary columns there, but also bibliotherapy advice and an invitation to travel through articles imbued with literary tourism. In short, Life is a Novel is a unique reading blog where it is pleasant to get lost when we need a break from our hectic daily life. Let yourself be carried away by this atypical and enriching experience which will make you see life as a novel to be devoured without moderation.

17. Sangpages

Discover Sangpages, the essential blog for lovers of dark novels. Valérie, passionate about thrillers since childhood, explores the dark sides of the human soul.

On his blog, find captivating reviews of chilling thrillers and discover authors who are as intriguing as they are little-known. Despite the seriousness of the subjects, Valérie creates a friendly atmosphere by involving her readers. Sangpages invites you to live an immersive experience in the captivating world of noir novels.

18. The Little Prose Merchant

Behind the blog The Little Prose Merchant is Lili, a true reading enthusiast. His literary curiosity seems insatiable. As you browse his blog, you will inevitably be touched by one of his columns. From classics to contemporary literature, from stories to comics, from poetry to theater, it is impossible not to find what you are looking for there.

But make no mistake, these are not mere literary mash-ups. Its aerial lines conceal real fine and relevant analyses. His reviews of the great literary classics will impress you, believe us! Its light tone, but imbued with astonishing rigor, will seduce even the most skeptical. In short, if you like eclectic literary walks, La petite merchante de prose is a blog you absolutely must discover!

19. ClajaLit

Impossible to talk about reading blogs without mentioning that of Claja lit. This blogger, creator of the foreign bookstagram prize, explores literature in all its forms. Whether French or foreign, Lisa is fascinated by the way literature opens up to the world. Classic or contemporary, no book escapes Lisa's curious eye.

Specializing in international law, she satisfies her thirst for knowledge about what happens beyond borders through books. They allow him to understand humanity in all its diversity, its similarities and its differences. Attentive to plurality, she flourishes in the stories told by authors from around the world. And as Lisa says so well: “No matter our age, our origin, our place of residence, who we are, literature unites us”.

20. Mathilde’s blog

With Le blog de Mathilde, immerse yourself in an English literary universe. This French expatriate in Boston for eight years shares her reviews of personal development books, essays, biographies and novels, all read in English. But this blog is not limited to literature. Mathilde also invites you to discover the life of an expat in the United States, with advice on finding an apartment, opening a bank account and much more. A must-have resource for lovers of English literature and expats looking for valuable advice.

21. A mouse and books

An explosion of warm colors welcomes you to the A Mouse and Books blog. This little virtual cloud, created by a Belgian mother, invites you to curl up and immerse yourself in a book. Stéphanie, a librarian by training, is a book expert, guided by her curiosity. By addressing her readers on familiar terms, she envelops them in a friendly sphere. A Mouse and Books thus becomes a warm haven in which to relax after a difficult day. Full of enthusiasm and optimism, Stéphanie will entertain you and give you a taste for reading.

22. Little Reader

Estelle started by sharing her love of books on Instagram, but the columns under her photos were soon no longer enough for her. She created the Petite Lectrice blog to fully express herself. She gives you her opinion on her readings, but above all she writes to free herself from the intense emotions that books give her. With a sober layout and carefully crafted photos, it seduces with its carefully chosen words to arouse the desire to discover more without revealing too much. Petite Reader is an essential blog for book lovers.

23. The Strawberry Chronicles

Need a sweet break after a tiring day? Then look no further than The Strawberry Chronicles. This literary blog is a real concentrate of love, Nutella and Chantilly! Everything you need to cheer you up after a never-ending day. Make yourself comfortable and let yourself be carried away by the colorful atmosphere of Fanny's blog. A change of scenery guaranteed! Passionate about Japanese culture, Fanny will introduce you to numerous mangas (shôjo, shonen, etc.). But it doesn't stop there! She also explores novels (bit-lit, fantasy, dystopia, New-Adult), video games and series. In addition to her blog, she shares her passion for books on her YouTube channel. Full of energy and joy, she radiates a kindness that will make you want to explore her favorite literary universe!

24. The Devourer

In the world of literary blogs, they are rare, but they do exist: men. This is why we are delighted to present to you the blog of Florian, the book enthusiast. A fan of inclusive writing, The Devourer shares with us his current readings with passion and intelligence. Through mastered and catchy prose, Florian plunges us into the depths of his captivating readings... Classified into different categories, such as French and foreign literature, imaginative literature, LGBTQI literature and books written by women, this blog is full of literary treasures. What Florian initially intended to be a collection of his past readings has transformed into a thriving community that exchanges around books advocating tolerance and exploring new literary genres.

25. Bookstore

Let's take a detour to Switzerland and dive into the captivating world of the Bouquineries literary blog. For Maude, books are much more than a simple pleasure, they are a true passion. Without limiting herself to a specific genre, she explores literature in all its diversity, searching for books capable of transporting her far from her daily life, into extraordinary worlds. You know, those books that captivate you so much you can't take your eyes off the story...Her mantra? Never deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading! His challenge? To help those who thought they only liked one type of reading that they can find happiness elsewhere. One of his greatest prides? Having passed on his passion for books to his children. And could you be next on his list? With her studies in Letters as her literary background, she shares her passion with powerful and revealing words. Who knows, the book she just finished might just be your next crush.

26. Book and Cappuccino

Let us introduce you to one of our favorite reading blogs: Books and Cappuccino. Julie, a reading enthusiast living in Montreal, is a great sportswoman who likes to surpass herself every day. However, behind her determination lies a gentle person who cherishes her readers, whom she affectionately calls her “little cats”. Discreet about her life outside of books, she shares with you her literary favorites and disappointments. Julie's blog is the ideal place to stroll while enjoying a good cappuccino and immersing yourself in reading. What literary advice will you find there? An eclectic mix of children's literature, manga, Canadian publications, thrillers and even poetry collections! In short, its varied tastes will give you many ideas if you lack inspiration. In summary, this reading blog is a haven of sweetness to visit when you are looking for a moment of relaxation.

27. Read and travel

Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of Constance's literary blog, Lire et voyage. Between motherhood and a passion for reading, she shares with you lifestyle advice to better organize your daily life, while offering you committed, feminist and child-friendly reading recommendations. Explore new literary horizons and discover how to find the extraordinary in your role as a parent. Don't miss out on checking out this essential blog that will inspire and amaze you at every moment.

28. Maud's little reading

Enter the captivating world of Maud, an unconditional literature enthusiast, through her literary blog Les petits lectures de Maud. For her, every moment is an opportunity to immerse herself in a book, and she never fails to share her passion with the world. Her blog is a way to connect, open up to new horizons and give everyone the irresistible desire to read. Whether you are a fan of thrillers or historical novels, Maud promises you intense emotions through her literary recommendations. Discover the power of words on his blog that moves the hearts of readers.

29. You will damage your eyes

Instead, explore the refined universe of a literary blog that highlights subtle chronicles, those that reveal just what is needed. This site is a real gem for enthusiasts who like to choose their reading from new releases and recent novels. Several articles are published each month, offering short personal reviews that spark a desire to read these books. Before going to your bookseller, be sure to visit this site which will guide you with finesse towards new literary discoveries.

30. Page by page

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Page by Page, a humble platform where you will discover literary favorites and stay informed of the latest releases. The richness of the content and the diversity of voices are the major assets of this blog. He transports us to the heart of the Quebec literary scene by interacting directly with readers, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Founded by Valérie Léger and Françoise Conea, two reading enthusiasts, the blog is now supported by a team of passionate collaborators. Interviews, portraits of authors and presentations of literary events are offered there. It is an essential reference for being aware of the vitality of Quebec literature.

Top blogs about science fiction books

After having seen nearly 30 rather general reading blogs, we are now going to show you reading blogs around science fiction .

science fiction blogs

31. Orion's shoulder

Orion's Shoulder was created with a mission: to preserve these unimaginable stories for you, human beings, so that they do not fade away in the whirlwind of time, like tears washed away by rain. Although many blogs already deal skillfully with fantasy literature, the author of this blog is committed to offering something different by focusing primarily on science fiction and hard sci-fi. For him, SF is a laboratory of ideas where two major concerns guide its content. The first consists of exploring contemporary production, particularly Anglo-Saxon, by highlighting the latest releases. The second is to go back in time to unearth the links between the classics and the new, and observe the evolution of concepts. The ultimate goal ? Discover literary gems worth reading.

32. The Cult

The Cult was created in early 2016 for two reasons. First, a collection director from L'Atalante noticed the author's reviews on Amazon and suggested highlighting them through a blog. Then, after becoming aware of the general public's lack of knowledge about SFFF thanks to a friend, the author felt the need to educate. The blog thus serves as a platform to advance and promote these literary genres, emphasizing new releases in English and offering educational articles as well as recommendations for neglected or forgotten novels.

33. In the land of troll caves

His blog is entirely dedicated to imagination in all its forms. Initially, the author focused mainly on books and games, but later expanded his columns to series and films. However, the majority of articles remain focused on literature. The blog, entitled "In the land of troll caves" in reference to the Lord of the Rings and Nordic mythology, is the fruit of the work of two people. In addition to the author's numerous columns, her husband also contributes by writing a few articles and proofreading. Sharing a common passion for books, games, series and imagination, the couple created this blog with the aim of sharing their readings and their world with readers. After experiencing the special atmosphere of the Imaginales salon, they decided to continue this experience and contribute modestly to the French imagination, then to the imagination in general, through their blog. While browsing the blog, visitors can also find themed posts about creatures such as dragons, trolls, and vampires. The author is particularly fond of research into the origins of these beings who populate our imagination. She has also written transversal articles on specific themes, such as Mars or time travel, addressing the works, films or games linked to them.

34. Shh Mommy reads

The blog “Shhh Mom reads!” was created in 2013 to share readings primarily focused on SFFF. Over time, it has become much more than just a space for literary chronicles. The “Imaginary News” was thus born, a weekly meeting highlighting the latest developments in the French imagination and the excitement of this field. The blog will continue to evolve, exploring new forms of sharing, notably with a future event highlighting the authors of the French-speaking imagination. Its creator considers this blog as a window open to the literature of the imagination.

35. The critical dog

A reader of science fiction for many years, discover the critical dog blog. His uniqueness lies in his provocative side, his incisive sense of humor and his outspokenness. The feedback she receives from her comments confirms this distinction. We don't visit his blog for in-depth literary analyses, that's for sure. As for her passion for science fiction, she finds in it a reflection of her pessimistic vision of human nature and the world. Between despair and hope, she is perhaps looking for the promise of a better future.

36. LePapillon

The blog LePapillon dans la Lune is mainly devoted to science fiction, with a few escapades in fantasy, fantasy and occasionally thrillers. Short stories, feminist stories and audiobooks are her main interests. Its objective, without pretension, is to share its readings: on the one hand, to discuss SF with enthusiasts sharing the same literary interests, and on the other hand, to highlight works that deserve to be discovered. This blog is not the place for analytical and detailed columns. The blogger rather addresses a broad audience, with assumed frankness. Readers consult LePapillon dans la Lune to find out if a book might please them, quite simply. After nine years of existence, this efficient and time-saving approach continues to appeal, which suits its creator perfectly.

37. The Maki Readings

Originally, the blog was simply a personal way to keep track of one's readings. However, thanks to Lune's insistence, it was opened to the general public. Despite doubts about his appeal to others, the decision was made. All that remained was to find a name. With its recurring avatar, the Maki Catta, “Les Lectures du Maki” emerged naturally. Thus, the blog had two births: a private one in 2013, of which only few traces remain, and a public one in 2015. To date, it has 250 articles. The majority of posts are devoted to science fiction, while a few explore fantasy, thrillers and exceptionally fantasy. From now on, a diversification towards contemporary literature, less marked by genres, is underway (although the pearls of the imagination are often found in general literature). You can also find articles on literary challenges, literary outings and some tags.

38. Albedo

The genesis of the blog finds its origin in the science fiction desert where it resides: an isolated countryside, in a rural department. The impossibility of sharing one's passions, one's literary favorites, even one's frustrations, pushed its creator to bring Albédo to life. The articles mainly focus on science fiction books, with a predilection for SF. Its constant ambition is to convince that the SFFF is a great literature, not only for its epic epics, its unparalleled sense of wonder and its territories conducive to ideas, but also thanks to remarkable writing, endearing characters (or not) and teeming worlds. The name of the blog is borrowed from the study of meteorology. Albedo is the reflection coefficient of light. Snow has an albedo close to 1; only a perfectly reflective surface could reach it, which would be a major advance in astrophysics. Conversely, only black holes reflect no light, displaying absolute zero. You can guess why SF fascinates her! The articles are written seriously, without taking themselves too seriously, and seek to present the books as they were appreciated, all argued and, if possible, tinged with humor.

39. The Bibliocosm

The Bibliocosme was created in the summer of 2013, when its creators were still History students, who subsequently became teachers (in documentation and History-Geography). Their primary objective is to share their readings in the broadest sense of the term: they are particularly fond of SFFF, with a passion for historical fantasy, from Antiquity to the 19th century. Different columnists, such as Boudicca's dad, one of their best friends or even Babelio's acquaintances, contribute to the site by providing specific perspectives on subjects such as manga, white literature or film adaptations. Depending on their availability, they like to carry out interviews with authors and reports from trade fairs and festivals. Their objective is not to provide exhaustive analyzes of the books, but rather to provide some reading keys without revealing everything. They hope that their reviews at Bibliocosme will make them want to read the books, even if they didn't like them, without "spoiling" the plot.

40. What's New on my Stack

A great reader asked for reading advice, in 2007 he created the site “Quoi de Neuf sur ma Pile” in order to bring together his recommendations. Initially intended for friends, his columns were enriched to convince a wider audience. He endeavors to analyze the books, to situate them in the universe of the Imagination or Ideas, concentrating essentially on the text. With a predilection for SF, he also approaches horror and fantasy, while avoiding overly militant literature which can sacrifice art.

41. The wisdom of the bean

Angie, a literary blogger who arrived in January 2018, experienced immediate and deserved success thanks to her quality columns. His intelligent reflections on each reading immerse us in a dark and psychological universe, made of intense thrillers. We can follow Angie with our eyes closed (almost) as she shares her readings with passion. In addition, she takes great care with her photos to highlight the books and their authors.
In addition to her passion for reading, Angie has launched into the world of podcasting with "Polar avenue".

42. The Polar Cave

Steve, the enthusiast behind this quality blog, offers us an exceptional literary experience. La Caverne du Polar offers a variety of black literature, as well as interviews with authors and bloggers. Steve makes a point of highlighting literature enthusiasts, while making us happy. His blog presents the latest news as well as forgotten books. Each column is a love story for books, offering compelling arguments rather than simple value judgments. This admirable blog allows novels and authors to live in our minds and hearts. Get ready to add many books to your wishlist, because that goes for all the blogs mentioned in this selection.

43. AnaisSerialReader

It is difficult to present Anaïs Serial Reader, as she has become an essential reference in the world of noir novels. Anaïs has an astonishing power: she makes your wish list grow exponentially. With her outspokenness, her incisive opinions and her declarations of love, this blogger has everything to make you fall in love with the thriller. If you're looking for the latest novel, the must-read gem, this is the place to go. In addition, if you want to know more about certain authors, Anaïs offers numerous interviews with big names such as Franck Thilliez, Mattias Köping, Mo Malo, Ragnar Jonasson, and many others!

Reading blogs on comics and manga

We couldn't continue this top list of sites focused on reading without talking about comics and manga . Although they are more difficult to find, there are still a few that we invite you to discover now.

comics blogs

44. Li's Travels

Let yourself be carried away into the enchanted world of Voyages de Ly, a literary blog that embodies Ly's all-consuming passion for books, series and cinema. Through her writings, she offers you a captivating virtual experience at the heart of her universe. Although she prefers to let her pen speak rather than her voice in public, Ly offers you authentic and insightful opinions on her readings. Whether through mangas, comics, children's albums or novels, she tirelessly explores new literary nuggets. Don't miss his monthly meetings to discover his latest discoveries. If you're looking for a virtual escape after a busy day, the Voyages de Ly blog is the perfect place to get lost and dream.

45. The Otaku Apprentice

Allow us to introduce you to the captivating story behind the blog of Apprentice Otaku, a librarian who succumbed to the temptation of manga and decided to share his passion with the world. A lovely literary love story that began when these Japanese comics crossed his path on the shelves of his media library. Since then, he hasn't let go of them. And now, he invites you to embark on a journey to the land of the rising sun through his blog. Prepare to immerse yourself in a Japanese universe by discovering his favorite mangas, the essential Japanese animated films and even the video games that have captured his heart. A read that will transport you to Japan for a moment. If you are a manga lover, look no further, you have found the essential blog to discover the nuggets, favorites and essentials of the genre.

46. ​​The Word Pond

Let's step out of the world of mom bloggers and take a look at a children's literary blog run by a dad. Gabriel, a longtime blogger, had a passion for children's books long before he became a father. His fatherhood gave him one more reason to devote himself to his passion for children's literature. On La Mare aux Mots, Gabriel highlights books by lesser-known authors in collaboration with independent booksellers and other enthusiasts. Its selection also includes CDs and DVDs for children. The weekly interviews with authors and illustrators are very popular. This high-quality blog offers many other discoveries to make.

47. Children’s literature

To be more precise, we should say “The Children’s Literature of Judith & Sophie”. Who are they ? Mother and daughter ? Well no, it failed! Judith and Sophie are former students who created their blog in 2008 when they still had library aspirations. The blog was originally a support for their training. Since then, it has evolved a lot and Sophie has taken the reins. However, his personal life has also changed a lot. She is now the mother of Morgan, 5, and soon to have a second child. This is additional motivation to continue the adventure of this blog dedicated to children's literature.

Bonus: top podcasts on reading

Because our habits are changing, there are now podcasts addressing the subject of reading . Although the format is different, when doing housework or on public transport it is always nice to vary the pleasures.

48. Louie Media

Take your headphones and make yourself comfortable in the Louie Media book club, a modern place where every Tuesday, audio podcasts transport you into the remarkable literary worlds of great readers. These exceptional women, artists or recognized personalities, share their favorites and the books that have profoundly influenced their lives. With Giulia Foïs, for example, you will delve into the powerful impact that Virginie Despentes had on her life. This modern and feminist podcast offers high-quality episodes, concise (around 15 to 30 minutes) but rich in substance.

49. Read Literature Magazine

Let yourself be immersed in the captivating intimacy of the great names in literature with the podcast from the prestigious Lire magazine. In just 10 to 15 minutes, each episode reveals the work context and personal lives of many artists whose names resonate, but whose careers often remain unknown. Available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, this podcast takes you into the fascinating lives of writers. An immersive experience not to be missed for literature enthusiasts.

50. The more, the merrier

The literary talk show hosted by Marie-Louise Arsenault was much more than a simple podcast. It was an emblematic radio program in the sphere of literary criticism. At home, the weekend was punctuated by his fascinating discussions, sometimes listened to over and over again. Even though the More, the Merrier, the More You Read ended in June 2022, you can still relive those moments by listening to the episodes on the Ohdio app. A nostalgia that endures.

If you have other blogs to recommend or would like to bring your book to the library, leave us a comment below this blog post. We read them all carefully and will respond to you personally.

Also discover the coolest accessories to offer to your family or reading friends . With this article, you won't be able to go wrong.