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    Discover the page holder, a practical accessory for reading.

    Do you want to maintain your pages easily? Are you tired of closing pages? Do you want to read without making any effort?

    In this collection, you will discover all our page holders.

    • Type: Page holder
    • Materials: Plastic and wood
    • Use: Accessory that holds the pages of your book.
    • Advantage: The page holder is small and easy to use with your fingers.

    We offer several types of page holders in several materials. The page holder is often made of wood or plastic to be pleasant to handle and not to damage your book. Page holders are often with fingers or branches.

    This accessory is very useful for holding the pages of your book. Simply slide your finger inside this little object to hold your wayward pages . It is a reading object that is widely used by regular readers.

    If you're looking for a way to tame your pages, this little reading accessory is ideal.

    How to choose the right page holder?

    To choose the ideal page holder, you need to know your type of books. If you like all types of books (large format, pocket format, etc.), we recommend a wooden finger accessory , because it is very practical to use. If you want to read hands-free, you can choose a model with branches.

    Do you need to remember your pages outside of your reading sessions? It's time for you to choose a bookmark .

    15 products
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