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    Here are all our book supports.

    Do you want to keep your book in the open position? Do you need to study a book at length? Are you looking for a stable support to open your books?

    Discover all our book supports in this collection.

    • Type: Book stands
    • Materials: Plastic, Wood and Metal.
    • Use: Hold your books open with a support.
    • Advantage: Practical, versatile and easy to use supports.

    We offer different types of supports for reading in all positions. The shapes correspond to the uses you want to make of them. There are supports in all colors and sizes to better hold your books.

    These reading materials are very useful if you study a book for a long time or if you suffer from pain when you hold your books. They are also very practical for people with disabilities, because they hold books more easily.

    If you want to improve your reading comfort, now is the time to opt for a suitable medium.

    How to choose your reading medium?

    To choose the media that suits you, you need to know your reading position . Your support will not be the same if you want to read lying down or if you want to hold your book to work on your desk. Supports come in different types and materials. Finally, you can leave it to your tastes to make your final decision, because we have very beautiful accessories.

    If the reading stand is not ideal for you, we advise you to look at our portable bed desks .

    48 products
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