How to set up a reading mat corner for children?

The world of books is an endless journey. Children, little explorers of this world of words, need a space dedicated to this journey, a cozy corner where imagination is the only limit. How to create this reading corner on a children's rug ? Here are some tips to help you.

The importance of reading for children

Reading is an open door to the imagination. For children, it is a source of wonder, learning and escape. By providing them with a space dedicated to reading, you offer them a refuge where the magic of words can operate freely.

It's a place where they can discover distant worlds, experience incredible adventures and meet fascinating characters. It is a place where they can learn new things, develop their vocabulary and their comprehension skills.

It’s a space where they can relax, recharge their batteries and let their imagination run wild.

Preparing the space

Choice of location

Choose a quiet, well-lit corner, away from the television and noisy games. A corner near a window to benefit from natural light, or under a mezzanine to enjoy a cozy and somewhat isolated space, can be perfect.

The location should encourage concentration and immersion in the stories, and give the child the feeling of having a place of their own.

Small children's reading mat

Cleaning and clearing space

Get rid of unnecessary and bulky items. The space must be clean and clear to leave room for reading and imagination. A messy environment can be distracting and hinder concentration.

In addition, a tidy and organized space gives the child the feeling of being respected and valued, which reinforces their desire to read.

Creating the ambiance

The choice of carpet

The rug is the central element of your reading corner. Choose a reading mat that is comfortable, welcoming and in colors that appeal to your child. A soft and fluffy carpet invites you to settle in for long hours of reading.

Colors and patterns can stimulate the child's imagination and make the space more attractive.

Decorative elements

Add a few decorative elements to make the space attractive: a garland of pennants for a touch of fantasy, wall shelves for books to encourage the child's independence, a small coffee table to place a cup of hot chocolate. .

These elements bring a personal touch to the space and encourage the child to settle in there.

Reading cushion collection

Selection of books

Choose books appropriate to your child's age and interests. Don't hesitate to vary the genres: stories, comics, novels...

A variety of books stimulates the child's curiosity and encourages them to explore different forms of literature. It is important to renew the books regularly to maintain the child's interest.

Make the space comfortable

The cushions

Add a few cushions so your child can sit comfortably. The cushions bring a touch of softness and comfort that invites you to relax.

They allow the child to settle into different positions and adjust their posture according to their needs.

Soft lighting

Good lighting is essential for reading. Opt for a soft reading lamp to create a cozy atmosphere.

Lighting that is too bright can strain a child's eyes, while lighting that is too dim can make reading difficult. A reading lamp provides precise, adjustable lighting that makes reading easier.

Encourage autonomy

Make sure your child can easily access books and sit in their reading corner independently. This promotes their autonomy and gives them the feeling of being master of their reading space.

This also encourages the child to take the initiative in reading, without needing to be constantly prompted.

Reading magnifiers

Promote regularity

Create reading rituals: reading time before bed, reading time after snack, etc. These rituals help integrate reading into the child's daily routine and make this time an expected pleasure.

Magazine rack

Involvement of children in planning

Involve your child in setting up their reading corner. Let him choose the rug, the cushions, the decorations... This will make him feel more involved and more inclined to use this space.

This involvement strengthens the child's feeling of belonging to their reading space and promotes their engagement in reading.

How can I encourage my child to use their reading corner?

Involve him in the layout of the space, create reading rituals, vary the books available and set an example by spending time reading yourself.

Can I use the reading corner to tell stories to my child?

    Absolutely ! The reading corner can be a place of sharing and complicity where you read stories to your child. It's also a great way to encourage your child to love reading.


    Setting up a reading mat corner for children is a project that is both simple and exciting. By creating a space dedicated to reading, you encourage your child's development, their autonomy and their love of books. Don't wait any longer, embark on this great adventure!