How to set up a teepee?

A teepee, with its charm and exoticism, is more than just a shelter. It is a place to live, an invitation to travel, a space for relaxation and connection with nature.

But how can you arrange a tepee to make it a unique place of healing and conducive to reading? This is the question we will try to answer.

Understanding the essence of the teepee

The teepee, a precious heritage of the indigenous peoples of the North American plains, is much more than a simple shelter. It is the symbol of their close relationship with nature, their respect for the elements and their age-old wisdom. To arrange your teepee , it is therefore essential to understand and respect this essence.

How to choose the location of the teepee?

The location of the tip i is crucial. It must be in a secure location, protected from the prevailing winds, but also in a calming natural setting. A view of the forest, mountain or stream can add an extra dimension to your teepee experience.

What are the key elements for building a teepee?

A teepee is not an object that you simply put somewhere. It is made up of several essential elements: posts, canvas and entrance. The materials and sizes of these elements may vary depending on the use of the teepee. Thus, a teepee for adults will not have the same elements as a teepee for children which will be smaller for example.


The teepee posts, usually made of wood, are the framework of your shelter. They must be strong, weather-resistant and long enough to create a comfortable living space.

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The tipi canvas, traditionally made of bison skins, is today often replaced by modern materials, more resistant and easier to maintain. It must be waterproof and large enough to cover all the posts.

The entrance

The entrance to the tipi must be oriented so as to be protected from the wind. It can be equipped with a door or a simple curtain.

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How to decorate the inside of the teepee

To decorate the interior of your teepee , it seems essential to us to specify that several things can be decorated. Decorate the walls, floor and ceiling of your teepee to add your personal touch.


The floor of the teepee can be covered with animal skins, rugs or mattresses for greater comfort. It is also possible to install a fireplace for heating on cool evenings. If you want more information on the subject, we recommend reading our article on choosing a mattress dedicated to reading .

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The walls

The walls of the teepee can be decorated with patterns inspired by nature or Native American culture. The important thing is to create a harmonious and calming space.

The ceiling

The ceiling of the tepee, with its opening towards the sky, offers a wonderful spectacle on starry nights. It is possible to hang feathers, dream catchers or other symbolic objects to add a touch of magic.

Create a warm atmosphere

The layout of the teepee must be designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We recommend adding reading accessories such as cushions, lanterns, candles can bring softness and light to your space.

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The importance of security

Safety is an aspect that should not be overlooked when setting up a teepee. Make sure you have easy access to the outdoors, don't overcrowd the space with flammable objects, and manage your fire well if you have one.

Maintaining your teepee

Maintaining your teepee is essential to preserve its integrity and comfort. Clean the floor and walls regularly, check the condition of the canvas and posts, and renew the decoration if necessary.


Setting up a teepee is an exciting adventure that allows you to create a unique space, in harmony with nature and imbued with the spirit of indigenous peoples. Whether for a weekend or for a lifetime, the teepee offers an authentic and rejuvenating life experience.

Teepee FAQ

How many people can a teepee accommodate?

It depends on the size of the teepee. A small teepee can accommodate 2 to 3 people, while a large teepee can accommodate around ten.

Can I install a teepee in my garden?

Yes, if you have enough space and comply with local regulations.

Where to buy a teepee?

There are many teepee manufacturers and resellers on the internet. Be sure to choose a supplier renowned for the quality of its products.

Is it possible to live all year round in a teepee?

Yes, but this requires good preparation and layout adapted to the different seasons.

How to heat a teepee in winter?

A small fireplace can be installed in the center of the tipi, provided that all necessary precautions are taken to avoid the risk of fire.