How to choose a reading cushion?

The reading cushion is an essential comfort accessory for anyone who reads regularly, regardless of the location.

If not chosen carefully, it can reduce reading quality and comfort. Here are some tips for choosing the right cushion that will suit you best.

How to choose the right reading cushion?

To find an ideal reading cushion , you first need to make sure that it is comfortable enough for you to adopt a good posture during your reading sessions.

The thickness of your reading cushion

It is important to check that the reading cushion you choose is thick enough.

A memory foam reading cushion with filling that is too thin is often uncomfortable.

It is therefore important to check that the foam reading cushion you choose has sufficiently thick padding.

A memory foam reading pillow that is too thin is often very uncomfortable.

This is why we recommend that you opt for a foam cushion. You can also choose a cushion that has a fabric structure to facilitate comfort and facilitate washing.

A cushion adapted to your body shape

Finally, it must also be adapted to your body shape. In addition to providing relief while you read, a reading cushion can also help relieve back, neck or spinal pain .

Indeed, the quality of it can allow you to have a memory foam reading cushion, for example. It is a model that is really very comfortable.

For example, you can choose a cushion that is equipped with a strap allowing you to keep your head in a straight position and thus provides good support and relieves your neck.

Also make sure that it is machine washable and therefore preferably removable (this is the case for most of our models).

What are the different types of reading cushions?

To choose the right reading cushion, you must first consider its foam.

What materials to choose for a reading cushion?

A reading cushion can be made from different materials, including foam or latex.

  • The foam reading cushion is thicker and more comfortable
  • The latex reading pillow is softer and easier to carry
  • You can also choose a soft cotton reading cushion, which will be very comfortable

From the simplest to the most sophisticated: types of cushions for reading

You can choose it for its quality, for its washable appearance or for its soft appearance.

There are also different types of reading cushions:

  • The reading cushion with cord
  • The reading cushion with buckle closure or the more traditional reading cushion without closure

Which reading cushion is recommended for the back?

If you suffer from pain related to your reading position, you may need a reading cushion to relieve your back.

But then, which reading cushion is recommended for the back?

Well, the answer is simple: most reading pillows designed specifically for the back are made with high-stretch foam .

The foam with a high coefficient of elasticity is resistant and flexible. This is what it takes to take care of your back.

Reading pillows specifically designed for the back are also typically made using one or more layers of high-elasticity foam.

This way they can provide lasting comfort and last for a long time.

There are many specially designed back reading cushions on the market that only include layers of high-stretch foam.

Not all reading pillows for the back are made equally.

Some of them offer additional benefits like storage pockets and openings on the back.

Once you're settled on the reading cushion, you can put everything you need directly into the pocket or opening on the back.

It's a good thing if your reading pillow is adaptable. In this way you can adapt the reading cushion as desired to achieve the best possible comfort.

An ergonomic reading cushion:

Black reading cushion

A medical reading cushion:

Gray triangular cushion

What is the best reading cushion?

Although there is no best reading cushion, we recommend the following one which is simple, does not take up space.

The essential points are as follows:

  • Relieves your spine
  • Relieves neck pain
  • Soft
  • Ergonomic shape that conforms to the initial shape of your back
  • Optimal comfort

Beige reading folder

How to make a reading cushion yourself?

If you're good with tools and have some time to spare, you can try learning how to make a reading pillow yourself .

This is a task that requires a minimum of time and effort, but it is possible to accomplish on your own.

Here are some tips and steps to help you create your own reading pillow.

Define the reading cushion you want to make

First, it's important to know what you want: a cushion that you can carry easily or a cushion that stands up on its own.

If you are looking to make a portable cushion, then you are going to need to find good packaging to put your cushion inside.

It can be anything small enough to carry easily, but large enough to keep your cushion securely in place.

Choose packaging that has straps or ties that you can use to hang your cushion.

If you want to make a cushion that can fold and stand upright, then you are going to need to choose the right packaging materials.

You will need to find shoe boxes, cardboard boxes or plastic boxes that are wider than the space between your arms. These packages will also be long enough to hold the reading pillows you use.

Also choose packaging that can be held in place with ties or straps.

You will place the stuffing in the packages and can then add the stuffing and sew everything together.

Sew your reading cushion

Once you've chosen your packaging, it's time to get ready to sew.

You will need to sew the reading cushions into the packaging and close the lid.

It is best to sew the cushions in packages that are not too large. This will allow you to check the size before you begin.

To make a transportable cushion, you will need a pocket for the cushion inside your packaging.

You can use a desk pouch, purse, or plastic zipper bag.

You will need to sew the cushion into the pocket and then sew the whole thing into the package.

Where to find a reading cushion?

You can buy a reading cushion directly on our site:

To this end, you can discover by clicking on the image below our flagship collection where you will find our entire catalog.

Reading cushion collection

Is a reading cushion useful? Our opinion

The reading cushion is an essential accessory to rest your eyes and read longer without tiring.

In fact, the cushion helps you find a correct posture to read comfortably, and reduces neck pain.

Therefore, we recommend it for anyone who reads diligently or works for a long time in front of a screen.

The choice of reading cushion is a very personal question.

We therefore let you make your own experiment and advise you to try as many cushions as possible to find the cushion that suits you best.

In addition, do not hesitate to complete your space dedicated to reading with a lamp suitable for reading. Find out how to choose it .