How to choose a reading lamp?

In a busy day, you will need time to rest your eyes. To read books, write, reread an article or even keep your eyes on your favorite web browser, you will need a reading lamp.

Choosing a reading lamp is a real dilemma that we will help you resolve through this article.

The best tips for choosing your reading lamp

The reading lamp is an essential element for carrying out your daily tasks and enjoying your leisure time.

It accompanies you at work or at home to improve your visual comfort and productivity.

Choosing the right lighting for reading is a compromise between the lighting on the paper and natural light.

You will find table lamps, reading lamps that stand on the table and more.

For paperback books in a medium size, you should use a bedside lamp or reading lamp to make your reading comfortable.

Reading lamp

What to take as a reading lamp?

When you have chosen the support on which you want to place your reading lamp , you will need to determine the right lighting. In general, there are 3 types of lighting.

Good lighting for reading: the cool light of a reading lamp

Cold light is the easiest to obtain. It is lively and is not necessarily pleasing to everyone's eyes.

However, it is the lighting that provides the best conditions for studying or reading a good book.

It is easier to obtain than the others. All you have to do is turn on a standard bulb like the LED type...and that's it!

For example, you can choose the portable reading lamp that you can attach to your desk or to a book.

Otherwise, it is entirely possible to opt for a neck lamp to take with you everywhere.

Good lighting for reading: warm light

Warm light is a little more complicated to achieve. You will need a UV lamp that produces very warm light.

It gives a warm atmosphere to the room. It allows you to clear your head and concentrate on the book.

You can also recreate the warm ambiance with candles and oil lamps.

Good lighting for reading: natural light

Natural light is a good option if you have large enough windows in your living room or bedroom.

Natural light is the most pleasant for reading. Just open the windows and you're done. You will have the brightness and comfort to read.

How to replace the bulb of a reading lamp?

Replacing the bulb of a reading lamp is done in just a few steps:

  1. Check if the bulb can be removed easily
  2. Unplug the reading light
  3. Unscrew the lamp if necessary to remove the bulb
  4. Take the bulb using your hand, holding it towards the base to avoid breaking it
  5. Gently turn the bulb counterclockwise so that it unscrews completely
  6. Recycle your light bulb
  7. Take the new bulb and insert its stem into the socket of your reading lamp
  8. Turn the bulb slowly clockwise
  9. Reconnect the lamp and test your bulb by turning on the power

Which portable reading lamp to buy?

There are a multitude of portable reading lights available. We offer you here 3 which meet different uses depending on the reason which pushes you to acquire them.

1. The flexible reading lamp

Using a flexible reading lamp is very important for everyday life.

This flexible lamp can be used in-line and under the desk. Simply fold it and put it in a handbag or computer bag to use it anywhere.

Its flexible design allows it to easily adapt to different shapes of books, magazines and computers. In addition, this flexible lamp can be attached to the back of a book or on a desk.

So you can write or look at documents without needing to hold the lamp all the time and tilt it according to your needs and desires.

Flexible reading light

2. The USB reading light

If you need a USB reading light , there are several reasons why you should opt for it instead of a traditional model. In fact, by opting for a USB reading lamp, you will have several advantages over traditional lamps. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when choosing a USB reading lamp:

  • It cannot be plugged into a power outlet and therefore has advantages in terms of safety
  • Thanks to its small size, you can carry it directly in your pocket or leave it plugged into your computer without any worries
  • It is less expensive than traditional lamps
  • It allows you not to unduly embarrass your colleagues, classmates or your loved ones in general.

3. The decorative reading lamp

Who said a reading lamp couldn't be decorative?

With this decorative lamp in the shape of a book, you will be able to show those around you that you are a keen reader.

In addition, it will create a calm and subdued atmosphere which immediately gives additional charm to a room.

Decorative book lamp

What are the best reading lights?

The best readings are, in our opinion, those which will follow and we will explain to you why.

1. The night reading lamp

With its innocent look, this night lamp is 2 in 1.

Indeed, it is also a small reading magnifying glass at the same time.

It allows you not to disturb the person next to you thanks to its controlled brightness as well as not to corner the page you are reading.

Night reading light

2. The LED lamp that makes a bookmark

It’s its multifunctional aspect that appealed to us.

Both bright and discreet, it has a clip that allows it to delicately attach to your favorite book.

With its 4 colors to choose from, you can adopt a discreet or more flashy tone. It’s up to you to choose your LED bookmark lamp !

3. The lamp for reading in bed

This lamp lives up to its name. It will make your reading much easier when you are in bed.

Lamp for reading in bed

What power for a reading lamp?

For a reading lamp that you want to put on your desk, we recommend a bulb with a power of at least 20 W.

To read peacefully and without damaging your eyes, choose a lamp that can provide you with between 300 and 500 lumens.

Finally, if you are sure not to disturb your loved ones when you read, you can go up to 800 lumens.

Now discover our essentials for reading comfortably in bed with other objects.