How to make books stand upright?

Books have a soul, a life. They tell stories, they reveal secrets and they awaken passions.

But how can we highlight them, how can we give them the opportunity to stand, proud and majestic, in the heart of our home?

Here are some techniques to highlight these paper treasures: bookends, specialized storage, small or large accessories, you will know everything about the practical elements dedicated to readers.

The poetic art of holding a book upright

Books (or magazines), like dancers, seek balance. The (often original) way in which they are presented reflects our respect and admiration for their content.

Bookends, these silent guardians

They are there, discreet, but so essential. Bookends (also called book holders) are these objects dedicated to holding our books, like a friend who would support our hand in difficult times.

Metallic, wood or stone, they provide unfailing support to our collections and a suitable decorative touch.

In addition to providing stability, bookends add a decorative touch to your space. Find out in our dedicated article how to choose the ideal bookend for your library.

Bookends to keep a book upright

The delicate balance of positioning a book

Just like an acrobat finds his center of gravity, every book needs precise positioning to stand up straight.

Alignment, back position, everything counts in this delicate dance.

Creative techniques to support your books

Sometimes, the magic lies in the invisible, in what escapes our gaze while still being present.

The magic of the floating book

Imagine a book, suspended in the air, as if by magic. With transparent wires or cleverly hidden shelves, the dream comes true.

The enchantment of invisible supports

Transparent supports, glass shelves, everything is possible to create the illusion that your works defy the laws of gravity and have a perfectly tidy appearance.

Books as decorative elements

More than just objects, books are pieces of art, pieces of soul imprisoned in pages.

They each have their place and you need to find it so that they can realize their full potential.

Bookcases adapted for the conservation of books that are upright

Create a literary fresco

Arrange your books according to simple but effective criteria:

  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Themes

This way, you will be able to create a living, changing work of art that evolves as you read.

Don't hesitate to make your own sorting model, the main thing being that it makes you want to read your books (but in style of course).

Play with heights and shapes

Stacks of books of different heights, spiral or wave arrangements, let your creativity flow and transform your bookshelf into a work of art.

Preserve the integrity of your books

Just like a treasure, books deserve to be protected and cherished.

They must be able to be read year after year and why not generation after generation.

Avoiding Sun Damage

The sun's rays often have the effect of altering the beauty of your favorite books .

Place them away from direct light to preserve their colors and integrity.

The importance of regularity in storing your works

As with any collection, regular checking, dusting and rearrangement is essential to ensure the longevity of your books.


And there you have it, as you will have seen, standing books upright is much more than a simple practical matter.

It's a dance, an ode to literature, a way of showing our respect and admiration for these objects which contain so much wisdom.

In our online store you will find a multitude of tips and little things to optimize the storage of your favorite books .

Share with us in the comments a photo of the result of your library after making improvements or ask us and we will be happy to answer you for personalized advice!