How to make a wall-mounted magazine rack?

Have you ever dreamed of breathing new life into your interior by integrating original and practical decorative elements? Among the many ideas that could inspire you, creating a wall-mounted magazine rack is an option that deserves special attention.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a wall-mounted magazine rack will allow you to better organize your magazines and other documents, while keeping them within reach.

In this article, we invite you to discover the steps to make your own wall-mounted magazine rack, an object that will bring a unique touch to your interior decoration.

Step 1: Choose the material

The choice of material is essential to make a solid and aesthetic wall-mounted magazine rack . You can opt for wood (plywood, pallet, board), metal (mesh, pipe), or even fabric (canvas, burlap, cotton) depending on your tastes and the style you want to give to your magazine rack. .

Don't forget to equip yourself with tools suitable for working with the chosen material, such as a saw, drill or scissors.

Magazine holder collection

Step 2: Set Dimensions

Before you start making your wall-mounted magazine rack, it is important to determine the dimensions appropriate to the space you have and the number of magazines you want to store there.

Take the time to measure the available wall space and assess the width and height needed to accommodate your magazines.

Don't hesitate to take into account the size of your magazines to ensure that they will fit perfectly in your future magazine rack.

Step 3: Create the structure

Depending on the material chosen, the construction of your wall-mounted magazine rack will vary. Here are some examples of possible structures:

  • Wood : cut boards to the desired dimensions and assemble them using screws or wood glue.
  • Metal : Weld pipes together to form the structure, or attach a screen to a metal frame.
  • Fabric : sew pockets to hold your magazines on a large canvas, which you will then attach to a wooden or metal frame.

Remember to secure the elements together to ensure the solidity of your wall-mounted magazine rack.

Decorative magazine holder

Step 4: Personalize your wall magazine rack

To add a personal touch to your magazine rack, you can decorate it with paint , wallpaper or even stickers . Give free rein to your imagination and dare to use the colors, patterns or inscriptions that you like.

If you have opted for a fabric structure, you can also do embroidery or add decorative elements such as ribbons or buttons.

Minimalist magazine holder

Step 5: Attach the Magazine Rack to the Wall

Finally, it's time to attach your wall-mounted magazine rack to the location

wish. Depending on the weight and size of your creation, choose suitable fixings to guarantee the safety and durability of your magazine rack. These can be dowels, brackets or even hooks.

Take the time to carefully measure the distance between the fixing points to ensure a straight and harmonious installation of your magazine rack.

Once your wall-mounted magazine rack is installed, take the time to admire your work and savor the pride of having created a decorative object that is both practical and aesthetic.

This creative project will have allowed you not only to express your personality through the decoration of your interior, but also to optimize space by showcasing your favorite magazines.

Regardless of the end result, the most important thing is to have fun creating and let your imagination speak. So, grab your tools and happy crafting!

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