How to use a reading ring?

Reading rings are practical everyday tools for people who read frequently.

They allow you to hold your book open to the desired page without having to use your fingers to hold it in place.

Use is simple and intuitive as you will discover.

What use for a reading ring?

Here are simple, intuitive steps to follow to use your reading ring:

Find the Right Reading Ring Size

Reading rings can vary in size to accommodate different widths of books.

Make sure you choose a ring that will fit your book size.

Most are standard size like the model you can see below:

Finger page holder

Open your book to the page you want to mark

Make sure the book is open and flat on your table.

Place the wooden reading ring on the page

Make sure the ring is positioned at the desired height and that both ends of the ring rest on the pages of the book.

Adjust the ring to hold your book open

If the ring is too tight, you risk tearing the pages. If it is too loose, your book will not stay open.

Use your reading ring to read your book

Now you can read your book easily without having to hold it open with your fingers.

What is the use of a wooden reading ring?

A wooden reading ring makes it easy to hold your book open.

The dimensions of this wooden ring allow for increased comfort and precise support.

Wooden reading ring