What are the best armchairs for reading?

Every avid reader knows that finding the perfect chair to escape into the worlds of books is a quest as important as the story itself. A reading chair is not just a piece of furniture, it is a traveling companion, a cozy nest where stories come to life.

In this article, we explore the different options available to you to find the ideal reading chair , one that will accompany you to the heart of the most exhilarating literary adventures.

Introduction to the World of Reading Armchairs

Before diving into the world of reading chairs, let's understand why choosing the right chair is essential for every book lover.

A good armchair is not limited to its comfort, it represents a personal space where you can get lost in the pages of a good book for hours.

Criteria for Selection of a Good Reading Chair

What factors should you consider when selecting a reading chair? From comfort to aesthetics, including lumbar support, every detail counts for an unforgettable reading experience.

Which chair to read for Black Friday?

This is a frequently asked question. We recommend the vintage reading chair.

Elegant and good value for money, it has delighted many customers. Its velvet appearance is a plus and its comfort is a must.

Vintage velvet reading chair for black friday

Comfort and Ergonomics

For a relaxing reading session in your living room, an armchair with good soft padding and an ergonomic backrest is essential to relieve the back.

Opt for a model with a velvet covering for a soft effect that invites relaxation, while offering optimal support. This type of armchair is perfect for relaxing after a long day, complementing your sofa.

Materials and Durability

The quality of materials is crucial to guarantee the durability of your chair.

An armchair made of high-quality fabric, such as Scandinavian velvet, resists better over time and maintains a vibrant color day after day. For easy maintenance and maximum longevity, opt for coverings that can be cleaned regularly without losing their soft appearance and comfort.

We recommend faux leather for optimal durability.

Gray faux leather armchair with footrest

Design and Style

To harmoniously integrate your armchair into your living room, consider the style and color of your existing furniture.

A Scandinavian armchair, for example, with its clean lines and neutral colors, can complement a modern interior. If you have a dedicated relaxation area, an egg chair or chaise longue can add a touch of elegance, providing both a place to read and nap.

The Best Armchairs for Comfortable Reading

Let's discover together some of the best reading chairs available on the market, combining comfort, style and functionality.

The Classic Armchair

The classic armchair, often club style or with a wide back, is a timeless choice for any living room. It offers generous comfort with its quality foam padding, ideal for spending hours reading your favorite book.

Most of these chairs are designed to provide firm support while still being comfortably plush.

The Modern Armchair

The modern armchair, often characterized by simple lines and minimalist design, is perfect for lovers of contemporary furniture.

Opt for a swivel model to take full advantage of your space, whether for reading, watching TV or simply relaxing. The variety of modern colors makes it easy to adapt the armchair to the atmosphere of your living room.

The Reading Chair with Footrest

A reading chair with footrest offers optimal relaxation by allowing legs to be extended for maximum comfort. This type of armchair is ideal for setting up a reading corner near a coffee table, thus creating a real cocoon for your moments of relaxation.

Some models can even recline, providing the effect of a lounge chair or small bed for a quick nap.

How to Choose Your Armchair Based on Your Living Space?

The size and layout of your living space are decisive in the choice of your reading chair. It is crucial to find a balance between the size of the armchair and the available space to create an inviting reading nook without overwhelming the room.

Small Spaces

For small spaces, opt for a compact but comfortable armchair. Wingback chairs or fireside chairs can be perfect options, offering comfort and style without taking up too much space.

The great outdoors

In a large space, you have the freedom to choose a more imposing armchair. Recliners or lounge chairs can add an extra touch of elegance and comfort to your reading nook.

Adapt your Armchair to your Reading Habits

Each reader is unique, and their chair should reflect their reading habits. Whether you like to read in an upright position or curl up with a good book, there is a chair for every type of reader.

For Regular Readers

If you spend long hours reading, an armchair with good lumbar support and comfortable seating is essential. Consider a chair with armrests for extra support.

For Casual Readers

For those who read more sporadically, a more versatile chair may be ideal. A convertible armchair or ottoman can serve as both a reading seat and functional everyday furniture.

Current Trends in Reading Armchairs

Let's stay up to date! Let's discover together the latest trends in reading armchairs, combining modern design and ultimate comfort.

The Hanging Chair

Very fashionable, the hanging chair adds a touch of fantasy and lightness to your reading corner. Perfect for those looking to create a unique and cozy space.

The Minimalist Armchair

The minimalist style seduces with its simplicity and elegance. An armchair with a sleek design can be a great choice for those who prioritize visual appeal and functionality.


The perfect reading chair is one that meets your needs for comfort, style and adaptability to your living space. Whether it is a classic, modern or even suspended model, the important thing is to find an armchair that invites you to escape into your reading. Remember, the best chair is the one that tells a story, just like the books it helps you explore.


1. How do I clean and maintain my reading chair?

Cleaning depends on the material of your chair. For fabrics, steam or dry cleaning is often recommended, while leather requires specific products to keep it supple and clean.

2. How much should you budget for a good reading chair?

The price of a reading chair varies greatly depending on the style, material and brand. You can find affordable options starting at 200-300 euros, but for a high-end chair, the budget can run into several hundred euros or thousands of euros more.

3. Is a reading chair a good choice for back health?

Yes, especially if you choose an ergonomic chair designed to provide good lumbar support and reduce back strain while reading.

4. Are there reading chairs suitable for children?

Absolutely ! There are reading chairs designed especially for children, with sizes and designs adapted to their age and body shape.

5. Can we find reading chairs suitable for outdoors?

Yes, some chairs are designed to be used outdoors. These models are usually made with weather-resistant materials and are perfect for outdoor reading.