Top 20 best reading forums

Do you love reading? Are you looking to join a book club or online literary community? But which reading forum to choose?

Here are 20 of them, with their characteristics! For book lovers, reading forums are online treasures, where enthusiasts share their recommendations, reviews, thoughts and their love for reading.

In this article, we present to you the 20 best reading forums. Find out where to meet other book enthusiasts, discuss your favorite books, and enrich your reading experience.

Get ready to explore the exciting world of reading forums and fuel your passion for books.

Why join a reading forum?

Online reading forums are not just virtual spaces where books are discussed. They offer a multitude of benefits for reading lovers. Here's why you should consider joining one of these vibrant communities:

Get personalized book recommendations

Reading forums are an invaluable source of book recommendations. You can share your preferences and get personalized suggestions, allowing you to discover new authors and genres.

Whether you are a fan of historical novels, fantasy, or children's literature for your children, you will find what you are looking for.

Expand your literary horizons

Online discussions and debates expose you to a diversity of points of view. It broadens your horizons and encourages you to explore books you might not otherwise have considered.

Our readers often tell us about gripping thrillers, historical chronicles or crazy plays.

Connect with other book lovers

Reading forums are places where you can meet other literature enthusiasts.

You share a common passion, which can lead to lasting friendships and literary crushes.

Because you are a big lover of books, you will certainly like bookends to better organize them.

Bookends dedicated to reading enthusiasts

Improve your reading and analysis skills

Reading forums are places where you can meet other literature enthusiasts. You share a common passion, exchange opinions on the books you read, which can lead to lasting friendships.

Find inspiration for new readings

Reading forums are a constant source of inspiration for your next read. Reviews, recommendations, and forum discussions can guide you in finding other must-play titles.

Additionally, the information available on the forums can keep you up to date with the latest literary news and columns, allowing you to stay up to date in the world of literature.

The social aspect and camaraderie

The social dimension of reading forums creates a feeling of camaraderie. You will feel at home among people sharing the same passion.

It can also represent a challenge and a challenge to enrich your reading experience, pushing you to explore new literary horizons and give deeper meaning to your discoveries.

You will also be able to participate in surveys on literary subjects, discuss theater, writing, and much more, while maintaining your page of the day, opening the door to an ever larger and more imaginary literary universe.

The 20 Best Forums About Reading

Here is our list of recommended online reading forums, along with a brief description of each:

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a giant in the world of reading forums. It offers reviews, personalized recommendations and a platform to track your readings.

Pros : Large community, huge book database, reading tracking features.

2. LibraryThing

L ibraryThing focuses on cataloging your books and discovering new titles based on your tastes.

Advantages : Powerful cataloging tool, active discussion groups.

3. Reddit - r/books

Reddit's r/books subsection is a place where readers from around the world come together to discuss books.

Advantages : Diversity of discussions, large community.

4. Book Riot Community

Book Riot is a popular source for book information, and its online community is just as exciting.

Advantages : Informative articles, lively discussions.

5. The Reading Room

The Reading Room offers a space for readers of all genres, with reviews and reading groups.

Pros : Diverse community, specialized discussions

6. Shelfari

Shelfari is a community of readers associated with Amazon. There you can explore books, write reviews and participate in discussions.

Advantages : Integration with Amazon, cataloging tools.

7. Readers' Favorite

Readers' Favorite is a book review platform that also offers an active forum where readers can discuss their discoveries.

Advantages : Quality revisions, varied discussions.

8. Book and Reader

Book and Reader offers discussions on a variety of genres, from classics to new releases, with an emphasis on literary criticism.

Advantages : Detailed reviews, academic discussions.

9. Kindle Boards

Kindle Boards are a meeting place for Kindle e-reader owners, but also offer discussion sections on all book genres.

Benefits : Discussions specific to e-readers, sharing of recommendations.

10. is a literary discussion community that also hosts monthly joint readings.

Advantages : Joint readings, active discussions.

11. offers book reviews, reading groups, and lively discussions.

Advantages : Quality reviews, group readings.

12. Bookish

Bookish focuses on the love of books and authors, with articles, recommendations and discussions.

Advantages : Informative articles, author recommendations.

13. BookLikes

BookLikes is a literary social network that allows you to share your readings, reviews and discoveries with other readers through messages.

Advantages : Social network dedicated to books, personalization of readers' blogs.

14. Anobii

Anobii is a community of readers focused on cataloging books and sharing recommendations.

Advantages : Complete cataloguing, personalized recommendations.


Wattpad is a place to create and share stories online. It's the perfect place to discover new authors and works.

Advantages : Discovery of independent authors, sharing of stories.

16. offers discussions on a wide variety of books, including monthly joint readings.

Advantages : Common readings, active community.

17. The Bibliophile Society

The Bibliophile Society is a forum dedicated to the in-depth discussion of literary classics and important works of literature.

Benefits : Academic discussions, in-depth exploration of the classics.

18. AARland

AARland is a forum where passionate romance readers share reviews and discuss their favorite novels.

Pros : Community of romance readers, detailed reviews.

19. ScribdCommunity

The Scribd community provides a space for readers who love sharing and discovering digital books.

Benefits : Sharing digital books, discussions on a variety of genres.

20. PaperBack Swap

PaperBack Swap is a forum where readers exchange physical books, while discussing their readings

Advantages : Book exchange, friendly discussions.

?With these reader forums, read books and share your passion.

How to choose the best forum for you?

Now that you've discovered our list of the best online reading forums, you might be wondering, "Which one is right for me?" Choosing the reading forum that suits you best is essential for a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you make this decision:

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1. Define Your Literary Preferences : Think about your reading tastes. Are you passionate about fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, romance, or other genres, like thrillers? Opt for a forum that matches your literary and manga preferences.

2. Community Size : Some prefer large communities with thousands of members, while others feel more comfortable in smaller groups. Consider what size community is right for you, whether for children's literature or other topics.

3. Types of Discussions : Explore the discussion sections on the forum. Some forums focus on in-depth literary discussions, particularly in the fantasy genre, such as science fiction and fantasy, while others provide spaces to discuss a variety of topics, including fiction. Find a balance that you like for enriching discussions and a free reading experience.

4. Interaction Style : Some forums emphasize text-based discussions, while others incorporate features like photo and video sharing. Choose a forum whose interaction style suits you.

5. Personal Goals : Think about what you want from the forum. If you want personalized book recommendations, look for a forum that offers this feature. If you prefer academic discussions, opt for a forum with such an emphasis.

6. Rules and Ethics : Familiarize yourself with the rules and ethics of the forum. Following the rules is essential for a positive experience.

7. Trial and Error : Don't hesitate to try a few different forums before fully committing. The best way to know if a forum is right for you is to participate in it.

8. Active Community : A forum with an active community is often more enjoyable, as you can expect quick responses and lively discussions.

9. Useful Resources : Some forums offer additional resources such as recommended reading lists, competitions, or even reading groups. Look for these features.

Testimonials from Reading Forum Members

To bring the experience of reading forums to life and to share authentic perspectives, we collected some testimonials from active members of these dynamic communities. Here's what they have to say about the benefits and impact of reading forums in their lives:

1. Sarah’s testimony

-"I joined a reading forum a year ago, and it has radically changed my reading life. I have discovered incredible new manga, and discussions with other members have deepened my understanding of the books that I read. It's become a place where I can really express my passion for reading."

2. David’s testimony

- "I've been a fan of science fiction for a long time, and thanks to a reading forum specializing in this genre, I found recommendations for books that I would never have discovered otherwise. The discussions on the concepts and science fiction universe are fascinating."

3. Maria’s testimony

- "One of the best things about reading forums is the ability to join reading groups. I've participated in several joint readings, and it's helped me stay motivated to read more and discuss my impressions with others."

4. James’ testimony

- "I particularly appreciate the diversity of the members of the reading forums. You can find readers of all ages and backgrounds. It creates an environment rich in different ideas and perspectives."

5. Emily’s testimony

- "The ethics of reading forums is something I greatly appreciate. Members are generally respectful and caring. It's a place where honest criticism can be shared without fear of judgement."

These testimonials illustrate how reading forums can have a positive impact on readers' lives. They allow you to discover new literary horizons, share experiences and interact with a diverse community of book enthusiasts.

Conclusion: for or against joining a reading forum?

Online reading forums are spaces to celebrate the passion for reading, broaden your horizons and interact with a community of readers. Explore these communities and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of online literature.