The best books to be first on Google

Want to become first on Google? Are you looking for a book to learn SEO ? Do you want to know more about SEO? Do you need multiple books for this computer skill?

On Coin Lecture, we recommend the best books in all areas, because we are book specialists.

The best French SEO books were written by SEO Olivier Andrieu, he updates his works every year. There are also books in English like Will Coombe's to become first on Google.

In this article, we will look at the 5 best books to learn search engine optimization. Let's start now.

Reminder: What is SEO?

SEO is the optimization of content for a search engine. Google is often mentioned because it is the most used search engine in the world. Other search engines often have similar algorithms.

SEO starts from a simple situation which is as follows: When a user writes a keyword in the search bar, Google will try to give them the results that most closely match their search intention.

For Google to determine whether a page or site should be featured on the search engine, there are hundreds of factors that come into play. We can cite the age, the theme and the quality/quantity of the content on your website.

The objective of SEO is to have pages, blogs and products referenced in the top 10 Google positions , on certain searched keywords.

What are the best books on SEO?

#1 – Succeed in your web referencing by Olivier Andrieu

Succeed in your web referencing

If you are looking for a complete book that covers all the essential points of SEO, Succeeding in your web SEO by Olivier Andrieu is perfect for you. It is updated every year to keep up with new developments, because it appeals to all SEOs in France.

#2 - Google SEO, instructions: Special beginner in SEO by Olivier Andrieu

Beginner SEO guide Olivier Andrieu

If you are a beginner , SEO Olivier Andrieu has written a book especially for you. This is a book that is more than enough if SEO is a secondary part of your online business. It is more affordable and less time-consuming than the first.

#3 - 7 Techniques to Develop your Natural SEO by Dimitri Carlet

7 Natural SEO Techniques

Dimitri Carlet is a French writer who has a string of successes with a simple “7 things for” format. He wrote a book on natural SEO techniques that appealed to many readers new to SEO. It is a format accessible to everyone.

#4 – SEO in 500 questions by Olivier Andrieu

SEO in 500 questions

It is important to check if your SEO is well done when you have a website. Olivier Andrieu wrote this book to help all people who do SEO and who want to ensure the quality of their sites.

#5 - 3 months to be number 1 by Will Coombe

3 months to be first on Google

“3 Months to No.1” is an English book that talks about SEO. It is very useful for cross-referencing your sources with American SEO. If you can read in English , this will be a very interesting book to expand your field of knowledge.

Read a book on SEO

In this article we have what SEO is and we have recommended the main books on the subject. If you want to read one of these books, whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will consolidate your SEO knowledge.

If you want to discover the world of SEO a bit like reading a dictionary, know that there are also lexicons, glossaries or SEO vocabularies, detailing the concepts of the discipline one by one.

For example, you will find on this site a list of more than 120 technical terms described and explained in detail.