Best Bookmarks 2023 | Comparison and buying guide

Bookmarks are simple and practical tools that we use every day. They allow us to resume our reading where we left off.

There are several types of bookmarks that are both simple and elegant, which stand out due to their design or material.

In this guide, we have decided to make a ranking and comparison of the best bookmarks of the moment to help you find the one that will best suit your needs.

1. How to choose a bookmark?

Choosing a bookmark is not always easy.

No matter the size of your book or magazine, a bookmark is a great way to find the location of your favorite chapter.

But it is a complex choice because there are multiple models. That's why we've gathered here the best tips for choosing the best possible bookmark.

It is also a superb gift idea for all occasions, whatever the material.

Choosing a wooden bookmark

When you choose a wooden bookmark , you can easily personalize it.

This allows you to have a bookmark that matches your tastes and desires.

For example, you can paint your wooden bookmark in different colors.

You can also use different types of paint. For example, you can use oil paint.

This allows you to make a pretty bookmark that will last over time with a touch of personalization .

Choosing a leather bookmark

Another option in terms of bookmarks is to choose a leather model . In fact, this will allow you to keep it longer. In addition, there are many models.

You can also engrave it to make a personalized gift with careful finishing.

Choosing a metal bookmark

Otherwise, opt for a metal bookmark , this will allow you to choose a very original model that you can easily integrate into your decoration.

This type of bookmark is rigid and therefore durable and allows it to be heavy enough to hold the pages of an open book in the place you want.

Our favorite is those that have a golden appearance for a neat and luxurious touch.

2. The best bookmarks: our tests

After being able to test on a daily basis, we made our selection of numerous models in different formats, from the most creative to the cutest.

Before presenting them to you, know that there are a multitude of them and that this list is not intended to be exhaustive but presents the models that are the best in our eyes.

Bookmark collection

The sea monster bookmark: the ideal gift for the little ones

Because a bookmark is not just for older children, children also have the right to their own dedicated model.

This is intended for children aged 7 and over who are not likely to swallow it.

Solid, children can have fun twisting and repositioning it many times.

Sea monster bookmark

The sword bookmark: for fans of swashbuckling tales

Go back in time for a moment and enjoy an authentic touch with this bookmark which can also be used as a letter opener.

Slip into the shoes of a brave knight and set off on an adventure!
Sword bookmark

The metal music bookmark: a classic for music lovers

In this world of boors, we must restore lightness and sophistication.

Whether you want to keep your best scores or simply offer it to a classical or more contemporary music aficionado, you have found the ideal accessory.

Metal music bookmark

Conclusion: which bookmark to choose?

The bookmark is an elegant and original accessory that can be used to stylize a desk or table.

In addition to the decorative aspect, it allows you to hold an open book and organize sheets and papers on the desk.

There are different types of bookmarks on the support: cardboard, wood, metal, etc.

As for the decorative aspect, you can opt for a work of art or for something simple and very simple: the choice is vast and the manufacturing materials are varied!

So what to choose? It all depends on tastes and needs. Whether made of wood, metal or cardboard, the bookmark remains a practical and elegant accessory that will enhance the presentation of a table!

So make sure you choose a model that suits you over time and if you can't decide, don't hesitate to take several to vary the pleasures.

You can also choose to use bookends to optimize space .