How to stiffen an embroidered bookmark?

In a time when everything is fleeting, an embroidered bookmark is a timeless treasure. But how to preserve it over time and readings? This complete guide will reveal to you the art and way of stiffening your embroidered bookmark to give it durability and elegance. All point by point.

Understand the need to stiffen an embroidered bookmark

Before diving into the techniques, let's stop for a moment to understand why stiffening an embroidered bookmark is a crucial step that should not be put aside.

The advantages of stiffening

  • It protects the embroidery against wear and deformation.
  • It ensures easy handling of the bookmark.
  • She adds a professional touch to your work with sewing and patterns.

Traditional stiffening techniques

For generations, embroidery enthusiasts have developed proven methods to maintain the beauty of their creations. Here are some of the most popular techniques, from the smallest to the largest bookmarks.

Using Cardboard or Cardstock

Cardboard, due to its simplicity and effectiveness, is often the preferred choice for beginners. Here's how to use it:

  1. Cut the cardboard to the desired size using a scissor or cutter.
  2. Gently glue your embroidery to the cardboard using a suitable glue.
  3. Let it dry before using it later.

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Starching with milk or starch

A journey back in time, this ancestral technique used natural products to harden fabrics. To try it:

  1. Dip your bookmark in a milk or starch mixture.
  2. Let it dry flat.
  3. Repeat as necessary for increased stiffness.

Using viseline or felt

Vliseline and felt are excellent reinforcements for embroidery. They not only add rigidity, but also a soft-touch finish. Simply sew or glue them to the back of your bookmark.

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Innovative and alternative stiffening techniques

In our constant quest for excellence, new methods are emerging, bringing with them new finishes and a contemporary touch to our bookmarks.

Commercial products for toughening fabric

From sprays to gels, the market is full of innovative products designed to harden tissues. They offer modular rigidity according to your preferences, without altering the beauty of the embroidery.

Advanced cartoning techniques

Beyond simple cardboard, cardboard is an art that combines aesthetics and functionality. There are many workshops and courses to master this technique and give your bookmarks an impeccable finish.

Integration of innovative materials

Polymers, resins... the future offers materials with unique properties. By integrating them, you give your bookmark foolproof resistance and a modern finish. Some techniques involve the use of an iron to solidify your creation.

Tips and tricks for maintaining and preserving rigidity

Stiffening is good. But maintaining it is better! Here are some tips to cherish your bookmark and keep it intact for years to come.

How to wash a stiffened bookmark?

Washing a bookmark requires care. Use cold water, avoid vigorous scrubbing, and let dry flat away from heat sources.

Optimal storage and use

Store your bookmark in a dry place. When using it, avoid folding or cornering it. Over time, it will maintain its shape and rigidity, ready to serve you book after book.


Embroidery is a delicate art, a heritage from ancient times that we are lucky to carry in our hands. Stiffening your embroidered bookmark is paying homage to it, it is preserving a piece of history and passion.

Share your edit with us in the comments, we will be delighted to see your works, each one more beautiful and diverse than the last.