Best Bookends 2023 | Comparison and buying guide

There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to choosing a bookend . The choice can be difficult.

Here are some useful tips to help you make your choice.

Before embarking on this adventure, start by listing the books you want to collect.

How to choose a bookend?

Most people don't give much thought to their choice of bookends .

They just think anything decorative will do. However, most people are wrong.

Bookends are more important than you think. To choose the right bookend, it is therefore important to know its function and value.

Also called book presses or book supports , they are used to optimize the storage of the books you prefer.

Who is the bookend for?

To the readers of course.

Whether for young or old, a bookend is intergenerational and can be passed down easily.

For a child, a design like the metal ones will be perfect. We particularly recommend those inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Concerning adults, if the desired effect is that of vintage, we have a vast collection to satisfy your desires.

Wooden bookend collection

What size do you want your bookend to be?

There are bookends in multiple sizes. Therefore, we advise you to choose one that will suit the use you are going to make of it.

Choose one that will match the height and width of the books you want to place there.

Define the type of bookend you want

Ideally, the design of your bookend will be adapted to your interior.

Indeed, it can be an excellent decorative accessory, so it is advisable to opt for a bookend that will blend with the style of your interior.

You will find in particular:

  • Metal bookends
  • Designer bookends
  • Wooden bookends
  • Library bookend
  • Original book press
  • Old book press

And many others...

Designer bookends

Set a budget for your bookend

On average, a bookend costs around €30. Some luxury models can go for up to €100.

We therefore recommend that you budget between €30 and €50 to get a good one.

How does a bookend work?

The purpose of a bookend is to hold your books in the position you want (vertical or horizontal) using their own weight so that they do not lean.

Why squeeze your books?

Clutching your books meets several objectives:

  • Sort your books efficiently on a desk, shelf or bookcase
  • Decorate your interior
  • Organize your books by author, collection or genre

Where to buy a bookend?

You can find a bookend in a specialized store, an e-commerce site like ours or in general stores.

Most of the models you find will look like the following model:

Industrial design bookend

What alternatives to the bookend?

If after reading our exhaustive comparison, we encourage you to opt for wall shelves that will blend in wonderfully with your decor.

You can also brighten up your reading time once you have been able to choose and install a comfortable cushion .