LED bookmark lamp

Lampe led marque-page
LED bookmark lamp
LED bookmark lamp
LED bookmark lamp
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LED bookmark lamp

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A small reading light that serves as a bookmark.

If you want a small LED reading lamp for the evening or night, you will appreciate this little accessory which is also a bookmark.

This little plastic lamp is very simple to use. This is the ideal bookmark if you want more brightness for reading.

The ideal gift for reading in bed: the LED reading lamp

There are many reasons to choose an LED bookmark light .

  1. The first reason is for security. The LED light never gets hot, so you can let your child touch it all the time and they won't get burned.
  2. The second reason is to save energy. LED lamps have a much longer lifespan than other types of lamps, and therefore they consume less energy.
  3. Then you can save a lot of money, because LED lamps are much cheaper than other types of lamps.

The LED reading lamp is a very practical tool for students and people who work in an office.

This lamp, which also serves as a bookmark, is very useful for reading at night without disturbing those around you.

The LED bookmark reading lamp: a multifunctional object

In general, the wireless LED lamp is used to illuminate objects or texts that are difficult to read in dim light.

Useful for illuminating locks, codes, telephone numbers, etc.

This little lamp helps guide the hand of the person reading, and helps them find their way around the pages.

This light can be useful to you in all circumstances, you can take it anywhere and attach it easily.

Easy to use, just turn the knob on the lamp and it turns on.

For more decorative inspiration in terms of lamps, do not hesitate to consult our choice of clip-on lamps such as the clip-on reading lamp .

  • Shape: LED bookmark lamp
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green
  • Light: white LED
  • Battery: Batteries included
  • Power: 3w
  • Unique size
  • Use: Bookmark and reading lamp